The Innovation Paradox of Business

I’m crossposting this from the Stratechery forum (which is subscribers only) In the Uber section of his latest daily update (paywall) Ben Thompson writes the following: “More broadly, while I generally believe that Uber’s approach has forced changes for the better that wouldn’t have happened otherwise…” That reminded me of a line of thought I recently…… Continue reading The Innovation Paradox of Business

On Pushback Against Gig Economy Platforms

A week ago I wrote about the the Small/Big Dualism of Networked, Decentralized Systems. In there, I talked about some of the ‘gig economy platforms’ like Uber or AirBnB (I dubbed them aggregators in conformity with the article’s theme). Because I took a broad, systemic view in the piece I remained very neutral. I wrote: If we…… Continue reading On Pushback Against Gig Economy Platforms