A Quick Illustration of Twitter’s Flaws

An observation: My attentionecono.me piece Attention Theft vs. Relevance as a Business Model was shared on Twitter some 30-odd times. But according to my stats on Medium, the story was only viewed 23 times (Medium also provides a KPI called Reads which is an approximation of the number of people who actually read it; that number is even…… Continue reading A Quick Illustration of Twitter’s Flaws

attentionecono.me | Launching a New Blog

Last week I launched a new blog on Medium (they call it publication over there; fancy). It goes by the name attentionecono.me. The claim reads analyzing the business of attention and should tell you what it is basically about. Sure enough, I provided some further details in my introductory post: The intention behind this publication is to cover and analyze said…… Continue reading attentionecono.me | Launching a New Blog