| Launching a New Blog

Last week I launched a new blog on Medium (they call it publication over there; fancy). It goes by the name The claim reads analyzing the business of attention and should tell you what it is basically about. Sure enough, I provided some further details in my introductory post: The intention behind this publication is to cover and analyze said…… Continue reading | Launching a New Blog

Sometime You Shouldn’t Give the People What They Want | Google’s Featured Snippets, Convenience, Understanding

From this piece on Google’s featured snippets and the company’s aim to deliver answers instead of search results: For one thing, people really like this style of search. “It’s having a very good impact on the search results. People love them,” said Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, a digital marketing agency that has…… Continue reading Sometime You Shouldn’t Give the People What They Want | Google’s Featured Snippets, Convenience, Understanding

On Analysis and Rationality

Due to an event he deemed highly unlikely, tech analyst Ben Thompson recently changed his position on Facebook regulation. After publishing his turnaround piece, he allowed his podcast co-host and longtime proponent of regulating Facebook, James Allworth, to write a piece for a Stratchery Daily Update (paywalled). In there, Allworth addresses (what he perceives as) the shortcoming in Thompson’s analysis which led…… Continue reading On Analysis and Rationality

Polarizing Brands & Products Win

A slightly edited version of my post at the Stratechery forum (subscribers only). It’s a response to Ben Thompson’s very good piece and the related podcast episode. In those works, Thompson develops the argument that the internet changes what kind of products are going to be successful. Namely the ‘best products’ instead of, as formerly, those that manage to…… Continue reading Polarizing Brands & Products Win

The Innovation Paradox of Business

I’m crossposting this from the Stratechery forum (which is subscribers only) In the Uber section of his latest daily update (paywall) Ben Thompson writes the following: “More broadly, while I generally believe that Uber’s approach has forced changes for the better that wouldn’t have happened otherwise…” That reminded me of a line of thought I recently…… Continue reading The Innovation Paradox of Business

Stripe’s Path to Become Infrastructure

It’s a good place to be an infrastructure provider. It’s even better to have the potential to become a generally relied-upon infrastructure provider. Particularly if investors accredit that potential to you. That’s the case for Stripe Inc. which just raised a new funding round at almost twice the valuation of its last round, according to the New York…… Continue reading Stripe’s Path to Become Infrastructure

Yochai Benkler on the Company of the Future (follow-up)

The company of the future topic (which I recently tackled here and here) sticks around. Why a second follow-up? Because I just came across a paper (PDF) by (the highly esteemed!) Yochai Benkler. It goes by the title Peer production, the commons, and the future of the firm so it naturally grabbed my attention, particularly for the…… Continue reading Yochai Benkler on the Company of the Future (follow-up)

Did Facebook Make Trump?

There is a vivid discussion right now whether or not Facebook played a crucial part in making Trump. It’s funny to me that the very same company that not too long ago faced enormous criticism for allegedly being biased towards liberal news, is now responsible for Trump. Apparently Facebook can have its cake and eat it…… Continue reading Did Facebook Make Trump?

X’s Astro Teller on Patent Lifespans

Astro Teller, Captain of Moonshots at Alphabet’s X (formerly Google X), makes a great argument for much reduced patent lifecycles in an interview with The Verge. He does so either unconsciously or he outsmarted the PR department. Whatever the case may be, here is the respective part: The patent system was built 130–140 years ago around the idea that you…… Continue reading X’s Astro Teller on Patent Lifespans

Follow-up: Challenges for The Company of the Future

This week I wrote an essay, examining how the company of the future might look like. After dissecting six trends which I assume are indicative of said future, I eventually arrived at a (rough) outline: Our company of the future will be rather small as it has a comparably narrow scope. On the other hand, it will be…… Continue reading Follow-up: Challenges for The Company of the Future