| Launching a New Blog

Last week I launched a new blog on Medium (they call it publication over there; fancy). It goes by the name The claim reads analyzing the business of attention and should tell you what it is basically about.

Sure enough, I provided some further details in my introductory post:

The intention behind this publication is to cover and analyze said attention landscape. This can range from writing about a single actor — for instance a particular company — to taking a big picture perspective and highlighting the dynamics at play. And all things in between.

Let’s make that more tangible: is going to focus on the intersection of media, technology and the digital economy. It will cover important protagonists, provide (hopefully) thoughtful commentary on events and deep analysis. I won’t ignore the related changes in our societies either.

Read the full post to get the full picture – I’d be glad to see you over there!

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That being said, I want to keep those who follow along here up-to-date regarding my current publishing setup and future goals. is going to be the main thing I’ll be writing for in the foreseeable future. I do it in English (like most of my writing nowadays) because I’d like to develop the site into a part of my business. To be precise: My aim is to implement a subscription model once I have proven (to my readers and myself!) that I can frequently create value with my writing. Because succeeding at this is as much about scale as it is about quality, English is the natural choice to me.

Rough Notes: I’ll keep this charming little blog around and keep posting occasionally. After all, I’m interested in too many things (I actively try to keep that in check already). So, it’s good to have a notebook for thinking-out-loud about topics I can’t cover elsewhere.

Digital Hills: It’s a great site and it will stay around. But just as the great people I founded it with currently focus on different things, so do I. That’s not to say I won’t write for it again. The topics I covered there are quite distinct from and didn’t stop interesting me. To the contrary. New approaches to organization, dealing with uncertainty, digital business and entrepreneurship/leadership are still integral part of my freelancing business. But it’s going to be quieter over there.

Digital Hills Podcast: Quiet is probably the wrong choice of word. Because the one thing I will keep doing on a regular basis are my podcasts with Marc. This also includes my The Path series, where I interview entrepreneurial minds. This is what I publish in my mother tongue – German.

As always: Please feel free to give me your feedback and ask whatever is on your mind!

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