About the Rough Notes Blog

The idea here is very simple. This blog is going to function as my public notebook. I’ll publish anything I don’t consider worthy of a proper piece on here. Mostly, that’s going to be outlines of ideas, rough sketches and incomplete thoughts as well as some commentary on things I found somewhere else. In doing so, I want to invite anybody who dares to care to chime in on my ideas, solicit feedback and foster discussion.

It’s as simple as that.

If you are looking for my proper writing, I refer you to my Medium page. That’s where I publish most of my pieces.

In order to avoid too much clutter, I will henceforth stop publishing the Recommended Reading column on LinkedIn (which appeared only semi-regularly anyway). Instead, depending on how things turn out, I’ll sometimes put together a collection of notes from this page and repost them over there.

Also, I intend to keep you posted via newsletter. It’s not live yet and I’ll stay away from promises regarding its launch date and frequency. That shouldn’t stop you from subscribing anyway, as I’ll make sure you don’t miss any of my new work. Plus, once it’s live in the intended way, it’s going to contain some exclusive nuggets as well. So, subscribe to it here.

So long.

Update 16.11.2016: The newsletter is now live.

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